With our unparalleled experience and intelligence, we help organisations define, negotiate, optimise and evaluate best in class sponsorship. Our purpose is to uncover the real value sponsorship can deliver with the right management. Some of the solutions we provide:


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We work with clients to design sponsorship proposals that align with their existing business strategies, identify asset property through search and selection models, and conduct comprehensive audits of current portfolios


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We offer clients advisory services during contract negotiations, provide asset valuation metrics, and develop sponsorship renewal and exit strategies


We help clients elevate their sponsorship platforms by providing activation inspiration, industry best practices, team upskilling services, and client-tailored programmes and guides

We provide extensive analysis and insight to inform our clients’ sponsorship strategies through traditional market research, media evaluation, and client-tailored assessment models 

"The Irish Sponsorship market is expected to show a 6% growth to €173 million in 2017 with more than half of Sponsors planning to increase spend on sponsorship in Ireland during the year."


Creating Intelligent Best in Class sponsorships and helping our clients achieve their business objectives is what we are all about. We service two distinct client groups - Sponsors and Rights holders. Our clients typically see us as partners rather than suppliers, working with them to get a greater return on their investment. For an idea of the clients we are proud to have worked with please see below.




"Widely regarded as the country’s leading Sponsorship consultant and practitioner, John Trainor provides clear, strategic, innovative commercial insights to deliver robust return on investment from sponsorship partnerships. A pivotal force in brokering many transformational Sponsorships over recent years, Onside played a key role in establishing the international award-winning partnership between Liberty Insurance and GAA , uniting both Hurling and Camogie for the first time." - Liberty Insurance

"Grounded in a clear, deep and unique understanding of the part sponsorship has to play in Diageo’s business, Onside provides us with high quality support and direction across various stages of sponsorship investment decision making in our business. Consistently delivering a first class level of servicing, Onside Sponsorship are key sponsorship management partners for our business." - Diageo, Europe

"As festival managers we are used to delivering a fantastic experience for our audiences, but in a changing sponsorship environment, Onside have great insights into sponsorship, with a long history of matching sponsors with events and venues - who share values to reach objectives. They have helped us in shaping our sponsorship strategy - one that delivers for us, our audiences and our partners." - Audi Dublin International Film Festival



Our clients see us as partners working with them to get the best possible return on their investment. From complete new strategies to managing inspired activation and breakthrough evaluation models, we deliver highly advantageous outcomes through better built relationships.