ONSIDE 20 Fast Facts for the Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 - Part 2

We are back with some more fast hitting facts about the Rugby World Cup 2019.

A lot has happened in the first 3 weeks both on and off the pitch as this remarkable Rugby World Cup continues to gather momentum. World Rugby registered 654 million video views on its Rugby World Cup social channels over the first fortnight of Japan 2019, this alone has already surpassed the 400 million total video views achieved during the previous Rugby World Cup in England in 2015!

The tournament’s recent collaboration with the Chinese social video platform TikTok has attracted more than 40 million engagements using the #RugbyFever hashtag, and has a 45% female following.

Japan’s heroic win over Samoa recorded the country’s biggest-ever single-market broadcast audience, the game earned a local record peak TV audience of 46.1% per cent on Japan’s NTV channel which means over 25 million tuned in to watch the win, this is believed to be the biggest of the year in Japan so far!

These record breaking numbers mean great things for sponsors involved also, so let’s have a closer ONSIDE look!

As mentioned in the ‘ONSIDE 20 FAST FACTS OF THE RUGBY WORLD CUP JAPAN 2019’, 75% of the 20 Teams Main Sponsors are in the Financial Services, Travel/Transport & Telecommunications Sectors as ranked below.

Sponsor Sectors Social Post.png

The top ranked sector being Financial Services & Telecommunications accounts for 5 teams, the second ranked sector Travel/Transport sponsors 4 teams and the third ranked sector of Food & Beverage accounts for 2 teams out of the 20 teams in Japan for this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Here is a reminder of all the 20 teams of the Rugby World Cups 2019’s Main Sponsors:

  1. Argentina - Visa

  2. Australia - Qantas

  3. Canada - DHL

  4. England – O2

  5. Fiji - Fiji Airways

  6. France - Altrad

  7. Georgia - TBC Bank

  8. Ireland - Vodafone

  9. Italy - Cattolica Assicurazioni

  10. Japan - Taisho

  11. Namibia - Mizuno

  12. New Zealand - AIG

  13. Russia - Aeroflot

  14. Samoa - BLK

  15. Scotland - BT

  16. South Africa - MTN

  17. Tonga - Mizuno

  18. Uruguay - Antel

  19. USA - Ernst & Young

  20. Wales - Isuzu

Looking closer to home, according to ONSIDE Consumer Research, pre-tournament, Vodafone was the most admired brand for Irish Adults with regards to Sponsorships Associated with the Rugby World Cup. We are looking forward to seeing if results will change post tournament - keep an eye on all things ONSIDE to find out!

Incase you missed it, here is the full ‘ONSIDE 20 FAST FACTS OF THE RUGBY WORLD CUP JAPAN 2019’ with some fast hitting facts around the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan!

Onside RWC Infographic Final Version 02.10.19.png